Monday, August 16, 2010

Multitude Monday - Round 10

161. Wonderful neighbours and friends helping out by taking Cody out for a fun day while I'm home sick. I can't thank them enough!!

162. All the photos I've taken of my kids over the years...such treasures.

163. Being surrounded by people who have a zest for life, happy, positive attitudes, and who see things from the 'glass half full' perspective.

164. The perfect summer break...the kind you don't want to end!

165. Reconnecting with old friends and finding them happy and healthy...

166. Laughter as medicine

167. Sesame Street - just as good - in fact, better - after all these years!

168. My husband indulging my need for 'me' time by taking the kids out for a good chunk of the day and then taking care of them right up until bedtime, leaving me do 'do my thing'!

169. Music, music, and more music.

170. A really good stretch.

holy experience


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