Friday, December 23, 2011

3 A.M. Eternal Revisited...

Way back in March 2007, I wrote a blog post entitled, '3 a.m. eternal'. Now, over four years later, I've awoken at - you guessed it, 3 am. 3 am seems to be my witching hour, and oh what a wonderful witching hour it is. Not. For whatever reason, when I wake up in the middle of the night, I can almost guarantee it - the clock will read 3 am. 'On the dot', as they say.

So here I am tonight having woken up at 3 am on the dot - or, I should say, here I am this morning having woken up at 3 am on the dot. Why? Well, it seems my brain decided it would be a good idea to start rehashing a class that I attended earlier this evening. Or actually, yesterday evening. Or maybe it's 'earlier this 24-hour-period evening'. Oh, I don't know! (Insomnia is nothing if not confusing! Sheesh!)

As is so often the case, I digress.

I am taking part in a course called 'Changeways'. It is a requirement of a bigger endeavour of mine, which is weight loss surgery. The last half hour of every class is spent writing down three goals for the coming week. One of my goals this time was to start a blog. When I wrote 'Start a blog', I meant start a new blog on a website called Obesity Help. Why start a new blog? My new blog is going to be specifically about weight loss surgery. Way back in February 2007, when I started this blog, I wrote in my first ever post that blogging is therapeutic. That is why I want to start another blog that is specific to my weight loss journey. The more therapeutic weapons in my arsenal, the better, right?!

It's funny/interesting to me, looking back at this blog. With this most recent post I've referenced my first ever blog post as well as what turns out to be my second-ever blog post - '3 a.m. eternal'. Ta-da!! Full circle!

I haven't been blogging very much at all lately. As in, this is my first post in over five months. Writing a post with the label, 'Insomnia' is NOT how I imagined my triumphant return! Oh well. One thing is certain. 'Blogging really is therapeutic' - me, February 23, 2007. So, if one blog is good, two must be better...? ("Talk about going from zero to sixty", she mutters to herself). Am I going to be able to keep up with myself? "Speed. I am speed." - Lightning McQueen, 'Cars'. Hmmm...I'm hopeful!

So now I think I hope I think that I can post this, turn off my computer, and go back to sleep. Fingers crossed I'm not back here at 3 am writing a post with the label 'Insomnia' for a really, really long time!


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