Monday, March 5, 2012

Multitude Monday - Round 15

210. The little bit of sunshine that found it's way through the grey, the rain, and yes - even the snow today. It was good, it was welcomed, and even just a little bit of sunshine is always better than none!!

211. A not-supposed-to-be-a-day-off day off with my kids.

212. A day spent with my sister yesterday - just the two of us.

213. A fun freebie found outside of a bookstore in Bellingham.

214. Just loving and appreciating the home that I have.

215. Digital music channel 231.

216. Never finishing a book to read without having another one to start thanks to my Kobo e-reader now providing access to the library 24/7!!

217. Saying goodnight to my three children at the end of each day - another safe, happy, healthy day tucked away and looking forward to the next.

218. Looking forward to visiting family at Spring Break.

219. (Subtle) signs of spring in the garden and green thumb plans...lots of plans!!

(Why 'Multitude Mondays'? Check out A Holy Experience...)


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