Monday, April 23, 2012

Multitude Monday - Round 16

220. Having a husband who can stay home with the kids while I'm away, and knowing that they will be well cared for and that the house won't be in shambles when I get home.

 221. My sister coming to stay on the weekend after I got out of the hospital - what a huge help she was!!

 222. An amazing neighbourhood of people who show up with food, flowers, and offers of help when you need it!!

 223. My sister-in-law - again, offering help when it's needed. Also - getting to know her better and doing 'the mom thing' together with our kids.

 224. My mom-and-dad-in-law - seriously - what would we do without them??

 225. Deep, sound, restful sleep.

 226. My big, green sectional that fits my entire family at one time comfortably.

 227. Sunshine!! Good for the garden, good for the kids, good for my soul!!

 228. Modern medicine.

 229. Craigslist ;)

(Why Multitude Monday?  Check out A Holy Experience...)


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