Friday, July 31, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never....

I got this idea from Eleonor's blog and thought it would be fun to do, so here's my go at it

I always:
Do the driving, whevever possible.
Have painted toenails.
Have to read before I go to sleep, even if I'm already exhausted or it's really late.
Prefer structure/routine/consistency to loosey-goosey schedules or spontaneity.
Wish my sister lived next door.
Require caffeine to start the day.
Wear sunscreen on my face - every day of the year.
Listen to music while I'm in the car

I sometimes:
Swear in front of my children.
Don't drink enough water each day.
Waste too much time on the computer when I really should be doing other things.
Get too much caffeine
Think about getting a dog
Find myself adopting other people's mannerisms/speech patterns/phrases etc.
Have dreams so vivid or realistic that I have to take a moment to figure out if something really happened or if it was just a dream.
Wonder if I've had undiagnosed ADD all my life

I never:
Bite my nails
Wear shoes on carpeted floors
Leave the water running when I'm brushing my teeth
Return movies or library books on time
Tried smoking or drugs
Am superstitious
Wish I was living any other life than the one I've got

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fun and Frolic with Paper and Glue...

Lovebug Scrapbooking is running a kit contest right now until mid-August and what a deal!! They have 5 small kits available for five dollars, or all five for twenty dollars. I bought two, and LOVE what I did with the Making Memories kit, if I do say so myself! I haven't had a very satisfying go at cardmaking or scrapping for what feels like quite awhile - until now! My 12x12 layout:

From the leftover supplies, I was able to make six cards - adding nothing but cardstock and one ribbon! I still have enough left to make at least two more cards - sooo satisfying!!

"Art is not the bread, but the wine of life."
John Paul Richter

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Positive Is As Positive Does...

I recently came across this blog, called Positively Present. The most recent post there is entitled, "100 Ways To Live In The Moment". It includes a great list of fun and creative ways to try your hand at living in the present. I've borrowed that list and re-copied it here - it's great food for thought! Head on over to and read more about this very positive and gratifying concept!

1.Ask someone about his/her life.
2.Write a handwritten note and mail it.
3.Make a promise (and keep it).
4.Look up at the sky and describe it.
5.Hug someone close to you.
6.Indulge in a long, warm bath.
7.Tell someone how much you love him/her.
8.Do something on your To Do list.
9.Apologize to someone you've hurt.
10.Re-read your favorite poem.
11.Turn off the TV for a week.
12.Relax in bed before sleeping.
13.Eat your favorite thing mindfully.
14.Ask someone an interesting question.
15.Take pictures of your favorite thing.
16.Go for a long walk somewhere beautiful.
17.Meditate for as long as you can.
18.Research an interesting topic.
19.Ask someone for advice and really listen.
20.Pay attention to your breathing for two minutes.
21.Answer the phone with cheer in your voice.
22.Make a decision immediately.
23.Close your eyes and image your paradise.
24.Mentor a young child (or an adult!).
25.Volunteer at a local charity.
26.Write a list of all you're grateful for.
27.Consider all possible solutions to a problem.
28.Take a different way to work.
29.Prepare your favorite meal for your family.
30.Offer praise to someone who deserves it.
31.Pay attention when others speak.
32.Watch a dog or cat (or baby) sleeping.
33.Prepare for tomorrow's work today.
34.Look at the details of a flower or plant.
35.Lie outside in the sun for a few hours.
36.Smile at yourself in the mirror.
37.Say "Thank you" and truly mean it.
38.Share your wisdom with someone else.
39.Do one thing that scares you.
40.Offer to help someone in need.
41.Watch a sunset or sunrise.
42.Visit a local museum and enjoy learning.
43.Organize your favorite photos online.
44.Send an email to an old friend.
45.Draw or paint something inspiring.
46.Host a party for no particular reason.
47.Tell yourself what you love about you.
48.Look for the positive in a problem.
49.Notice when the seasons are changing.
50.Imagine kissing your significant other.
51.Eat an ice cream cone outside when it's warm.
52.Share a joke with a friend and laugh loud.
53.Consider how feng shui might improve your home.
54.Spend a few hours alone, relaxing.
55.Make something from scratch.
56.List all of the things you've accomplished today.
57.Re-purpose something in your home.
58.Go to bed early. Wake up early.
59.Look for fireflies twinkling at night.
60.Pay attention to what your body is saying.
61.Make a very silly face at a friend.
62.Tell a child your favorite fairy tale.
63.Buy a gift for someone for no reason.
64.Watch a very positive TV show.
65.List the things you love about your body.
66.Take a road trip somewhere new.
67.Listen to your favorite song on repeat.
68.Smile brightly at the driver in the car next to you.
69.Write a love letter to yourself.
70.Kiss someone sweetly on the cheek.
71.Ask the question, "Why?"
72.Go for a run (or a quick walk). Move it!
73.Start a new, exciting project.
74.Spend a Saturday email-free.
75.Listen to and accept criticism with grace.
76.Speak cheerfully to your coworkers.
77.Look around you at how many colors there are.
78.Push yourself a little harder when working out.
79.Allow yourself to daydream.
80.Stop a bad habit (right now!).
81.Give yourself advice and follow it.
82.Turn off your phone for an evening.
83.Focus on what you're doing right this minute.
84.Speak to someone as if you really do care.
85.Treat yourself to a tasty snack.
86.Take three deep breaths before falling asleep.
87.Do jump jacks or jump rope.
88.Play with a puppy and watch how s/he romps.
89.Appreciate winter in summer (and vice versa).
90.Think about how amazing an invention is.
91.Hold someone's hand unexpectedly.
92.Wake up with a really long stretch session.
93.Pay attention to others' observations.
94.Watch how clouds move across the sky.
95.Listen to a bird's song (without being annoyed).
96.Introduce yourself to someone new.
97.Write down everything you're feeling today.
98.Think about why you love your favorite outfit.
99.Ask yourself, "What's awesome about this moment?"
100.Call someone just to say "I love you."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She Hates Me...

...Or so she says. Time will tell. I was thirteen once too, and I remember hating my mom. I just never thought it would happen with me and my daughter. I had reasons for hating my mom. What possible reason could my daughter have? I'm a cool mom. I'm a great mom! And apparently, I am a naive mom...


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