Tuesday, March 15, 2011

7 Things about me that you were dying to know, but were afraid to ask...

My friend, Eleonor, chose lil' ol' me to nominate for a Stylish Blogger Award. Aw, shucks!! I've known Eleonor for several years now through our mutual love for paper crafting. Eleonor is The Queen of creative cards!! Check out her blog here. Thanks, Eleonor, for the shout out! And by the way, you said that I'm the 'funniest redhead you've ever seen'...I'm kinda hopin' you meant, 'met'?!

The conditions for receiving/accepting The Stylish Blogger Award are:

Nominess keep the love going by:

1.Writing seven things about yourself.
2.Presenting the award to six bloggers.
3.Contacting those people.
4.Creating a link back to the person who did this for you.

So, here are, in no particular order of importance or relevance...7 Things About Me...

1. As Eleonor pointed out, I am a redhead. A 'natural' redhead. Or at least, I was born as one...these days, it takes a little bit of help. My sister is a redhead, my father is a redhead, his three siblings are redheads, his parents were both redheads...you get the idea, right?! LOTS OF REDHEADS!! I was fully expecting to have at least one redheaded child of my own...but no such luck. Brunettes of varying degrees, all three. My sister's daughter is also a brunette. I think that the chain of redheads in this family has been broken. Bummer.

2. Not only do I have the distinction of being a redhead - I also turned out left handed! I don`t know what the significance of this factoid is...I suspect that it has no significance whatsoever, but it`s one more step on my way to the qualifying, magical number seven! Yay!

3. I visited Disneyland for the first time in my life just over a month ago. It was also the first time in my life that I've flown on a 'big' plane (a jet). Makes me sound so small-town, doesn't it?! I actually had a bit of a fear of flying, which I overcame more easily that I thought I would. A feather in my cap!

4. Sometimes I imagine myself in dynamic and rewarding alternate careers...some of these are: Police officer, photographer, children's singer/entertainer, massage therapist, clinical counsellor, prosecuter, horticulturalist/landscape designer, librarian, interior designer, DJ, full-time artist, fashion consultant to the stars...and more!

5. I still remember my Grade 6 teacher calling me a 'voracious reader', which is an accurate description to this day.

6. I am very competitive.

7. I am the coach of my 7 year old son's soccer team. This is my second year coaching. I love it, but I have also learned that playing soccer and coaching soccer are two very different things!! My son loves that I am his coach and wants me to be his coach again next year. I wonder how much longer he will think it is cool that his mom is his coach?

Oh my goodness - I must just be a humble little thing because coming up with 7 things about myself was hard!! And, it took me over three weeks to do it! Now, it's my turn to tag six bloggers, plus the blogger who nominated me...

1. Eleonor (who tagged me)
2. Debby - Love this woman - very inspiring!!
3. Hilary - A very interesting woman!
4. Sandy - A mover and a shaker!!
5. Cari - Beautiful AND creative!
6. Erica - Cute, clever, and creative.

I'm supposed to tag seven bloggers, but truthfully - I don't know many bloggers personally, or to the extent that I would tag them in something like this...I'm SO close though at six...I beg your forgiveness!


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