Monday, April 2, 2007

Cody Baby

Well, Cody, you are 8 weeks old today! 8 weeks! Where has the time gone?! What have I been doing?! 8 weeks has just flown by...

You are so loved. By all of us. We all tell you that numerous times a day.

You are so cute!! Those big blue eyes...of my three babies, I think your eyes are the biggest!

The day after your 6 week mark, you smiled so big at Casey, and now you smile so big so readily...Both Chanel and I are so caught up in your smiles that we can't tear ourselves away - you hold us captive when you are smiling at us, and we will do anything for however long it takes just to keep you smiling.

I call you Mr. Pleasant. You just are. You are content and peaceful most of the time. So easygoing. And thank goodness, what with being my third child!! I couldn't ask for a better baby. I never thought that having three children could be so easy...

You are chubbing up and looking so big! You are quite often happy just lying on your blankets on the floor or sitting in your chair punching and kicking so enthusiastically. You are really working your little body and figuring it all out! And you are SO strong!! You hold your head up so well - and longer and stronger every day! And when I hold you up with your feet on my legs, you push yourself up into a standing position and hold your head up with your big blue eyes open so wide and bright...

I'm writing this at 12:18 am. Daddy has taken you to bed and I can't stand it any longer - just writing this about you makes me want to rush upstairs and scoop you up and kiss your sweet soft baby cheeks and breathe in your sweet baby breath...I'm signing off and I'm going to do just that!!

I love you, baby boy.

Mommy. xoxoxo

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