Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My sweetheart Casey

Casey is the sweetest boy. Ever. In the history of the world. There are a million reasons and examples I could give, but here is what touched me today...

Casey and I were reading a book we got out of the library called 'Bill In A China Shop'. It's about a bull who enters a china shop and spots the teacup of his dreams. He just can't leave the store without it, but sure enough - he IS a bull in a china shop and some unfortunate accidents occur. The clerk is snobby and rude and refuses to sell poor Bill the teacup he so fancies. Along with some writing about how upset Bill is, there is an illustration of Bill with tears brimming in his eyes. Well. I look down at Casey and the look on his face...he is big-eyed and sorrowful - he truly looks as if he's about to cry! He asked me, "Is da bull doing to get the teacup dat he loves?" and, "Why does the man teep saying dat?" because the store clerk kept saying, "A bull does not belong in a china shop". So I make some kind of chipper quip about how I was sure there was going to be a happy ending, I quickly flip the page and read on, hoping that something comes along to brighten my baby's blue skies!! Sure enough, a happy ending. Not only does Bill end up with his coveted and beloved teacup, but he comes away with three dear new friends to boot!
So I close the book and look down again at Casey. He is looking much relieved and appeased. I said, "You looked like you were getting a bit upset about Bill", and Casey said, "Yeah, I felt like I was doing to twy!". I asked him why he felt like he might cry, and he said because it was very sad. That boy has empathy. I mean, really!! And this is not the first time I've noticed it. It's always been there, and always been apparent. With me, with his sister, and now his brother - with other children anywhere - out on the playground, at preschool...whether he knows them or not, he has always been quick to run up to a child who's fallen down, or who's dropped her popsicle, and put his arm around them and say, 'it's otay!', or, 'are you awright?', or 'don't worry!'. Any time he's ever seen me cry or bothered by something, he comes over and hugs me and says, "I love you. You're a dood mommy". Whenever Cody starts to fuss, Casey goes to him and says in the sweetest, high, little sing-song way, "Tody!". And today, when Chanel was feeling upset and frustrated by her inability to get the hang of the high jump in P.E., Casey relayed an anecdote to her about something - I can't remember what (and oh how I wish I could!), and Chanel (in typical Chanel fashion) responded that what he said had nothing to do with anything, I pointed out to her that what Casey was doing was trying to make her feel better. And that's exactly what he was doing in his sweet, three year old way. He is deeply aware of others, and he amazes me with the depth and maturity with which he responds to other people's (or bulls!) feelings. I love that little guy. I get choked up just thinking about him and his sweetness. And you can be sure that were he to see me right now, he'd have his little hands on my leg and he'd look up into my face with his big, beautiful brown eyes and he'd say, "I love you. You're a dood mommy".

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