Thursday, February 7, 2008

A month to the day later...

...and another post from me. In the last post I made, I vowed to start a 'photo of the day' posting or 'sub-blog'...well, surprise! I haven't done that. I've probably almost taken at least a photo a day, but I haven't gone beyond that (i.e. the uploading, sorting, organizing, editing, posting, etc.)! I have a whole whack of reasons - NO TIME being the main one! So, I'm officially tossing the photo-a-day commitment out the window, and I commit to making no more commitments!!

I've got more I could type, but it's almost bedtime for Casey and Cody so NOW is NOT the most optimal time. Which is quite often the case, isn't it?! Ciao for now! :)

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