Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back With The Weather Right After This Break...

Rain, oh glorious rain!! I never thought I'd hear myself say it but all this snow we've gotten in the past few weeks has brought on a refreshing new perspective! The silver lining, it is. At first, the snow was lovely. Romantic. Pretty. Fun for the kids. A novelty. Then, it became a bit much, didn't it?! It looks like it's over though, and it's exciting to see how quickly the mounds of snow are diminishing, between the warmer temperatures and all the blessed rain. I've become quite the weather watcher. It borders on obsession. I find myself Googling 'Vancouver weather', logging into the Weather Network a couple of times a day, and though I don't (can't!) watch the news, I implore my husband to please catch the weather and let me know what it's going to be like tomorrow or I won't be able to sleep! Okay, I exaggerate a bit.
My level of interest in the weather is, however, a measure of my adultness. When I was a kid and staying with my grandparents, every day at noon they'd eat their lunch in front of the TV because they had to 'catch the weather'. I didn't get it. Catch the weather?! 'If you want to know the weather, take a look outside! That'll tell you the weather!' (I was such a little smart ass!). 6:00 pm, the Early News would come on, and again - they had to watch for the weather report. WTHeck?! You just found out a few hours ago AND you can ALSO take a look outside! And, lord help me, 11:00 pm would roll around and...you guessed it. The weather. They just wanted to get the local news and the weather before they went to bed. Now here I am. All these years later. I'm sure they are both just looking down on me with bemused smiles on their faces, nodding their heads, saying, 'ah yes...our granddaughter is officially, and fully, an adult now'.

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