Wednesday, May 6, 2009

TGIF! What?! Wait a minute...what the...?!

All day today I have been thinking that it's Friday! If it was Thursday, I could live with that, but Wednesday?! I'm really ahead of myself. I actually had to put a big sticky note up on my computer screen at work that says "today is WEDNESDAY!". Sigh...It's a good Wednesday, though, and I don't work Thursdays, so I guess I'm doing alright! I'm probably all upside down and turned around because my sister and her daughter arrived here yesterday so we hung out at my place last night later than we normally would with the kids on a school night, so maybe that makes it feel more like "weekend mode".

My sister moved to the States over three years ago and hasn't been able to return home since. I say "home" meaning here, where she came from, but her home now IS the States, with her husband and children. It's been a long process for her to get her immigration status/legalities worked out, but finally, this past Friday, she got the news that it had all been approved, and so here she is, finally! We've been down to visit her several times, but it's good to have her here. Let the 'just hangin' out' begin! She'll be staying through Mother's Day. All I can say is, photo ops galore! Speaking of Mother's Day, I've got a request for Mother Nature herself. How 'bout some sunshine?! Please?! It's a special occasion! My sister - my best friend and her little daughter - our little niece, our little cousin - are finally here! We've got some ground to cover - places to go, people to see, things to do...using photographic equipment is oh so much easier when it's dry! Plus, it's just so much easier with the kids!

My fingers are crossed! Truly though, I'm just so happy to have these two oh-so-special people here that the weather is secondary.

Let the good times roll, rain or shine!

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