Saturday, October 11, 2008


Well, Thanksgiving isn't officially until tomorrow, but being thankful doesn't have to wait, so here are a few things I'm thankful for...

Today was one of those glorious Vancouver autumn days when the sun shines brightly, the sky is clear and blue, and there's just a bit of a chill in the air...the West Coast at it's best, and for this, I'm thankful!

Steve asked Casey at bedtime tonight what he was thankful for and without stopping to think about it, Casey said, "My family". That is classic Casey - pure sweetness! And I am so thankful for him, and my two other wonderful children, and Steve - my true soulmate. And truly, I recognize how fortunate I am every day and consciously note how thankful I am. Every day. I just don't always celebrate by cooking up a big turkey dinner! :) Which leads me into my next point of gratitude...

I'm thankful for my extended family/in-laws - Steve's parents, who are hosting Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and all the rest of the lot too! :) I've always said that marrying Steve would have been enough. The fact that I've gained an entire extended family chock full of wonderful people, all of whom I love and all of whom have welcomed Chanel and I with open arms from the very beginning - I could never have imagined my incredible good fortune.

Wow - as I write this I realize that if I actually touched on all the most important things about my life that I am thankful for, if I actually provided any amount of explanation, this post would be longer than...well, it would take me longer than the long weekend to write it! So, in point form, I'll finish with this:

I am thankful for,
My children and my husband.
My sister, and my sister's family - her husband and two children.
My brother and his beautiful wife.
My extended family, on both sides.
My health. Through experience, I know how valuable it is!
My hobbies - so much more important than the term 'hobbies' makes them sound!
My country. Being born here, being raised here, and raising my own family here. Overall and in simple terms, we are safe, we are peaceful, we are plentiful, and we are free.

I'll stop here for now. It feels good to think about this stuff.

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