Saturday, August 29, 2009

You've Lost That Bloggin' Feelin'...

...Whoah, that bloggin''ve lost that blogging feeling now it's gone, gone, gone, whoah whoah-oh-oh (ba boom, ba boom, ba boom boom boom...) - sung to the tune of 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' by the Righteous Brothers.

I haven't blogged here since the end of July - almost a month now! It feels like a really loooong, time, and it's not because I've lost that bloggin' feelin'! Everyday I'm scribbling notes and thoughts and ideas all over any scrap of paper I've got lying around next to me (I know, I should use a notebook, and I do have one that I sometimes use, but I can't be consistent about it or I would totally ruin my reputation!). I'm almost always in a blogging frame of mind - at least, while I'm doing something else that makes blogging at that moment absolutely impossible, but - when I DO get to the point in my day where blogging could be a possibility...yeah, that blogging feeling is somewhat...absent. It's a twisted and dysfunctional dance I do with myself, and not just when it comes to blogging! But, that's a whole other blog post! (I will note this new idea down on a nearby scrap of paper and add it to the shoebox full of all my other idea-laden scraps of paper, to be fished out and re-examined at a later date...or not!)

I actually started this post NOT to talk about not blogging, but to make an actual 'real' post about something else altogether, but somehow along the way, the 'not blogging' discussion has become the discussion, and so my other blog post topic can join all it's friends in the aforementioned 'Box of Unrealized and Undeveloped Ideas' for another time.

In the meantime - Hey, look!! I updated my blog!'s great to be back!

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