Monday, November 23, 2009

And The Award Goes To...

Me! :) It was such a treat to open up my email this morning and find that my friend Kerry at Kerry'd Away Designs has named me for this Kreative Blogger award. So sweet! Thanks, Kerry! Once the award is accepted, the nominee has to do the following:

•Thank the sender for nominating you.

•make sure you link to the person who nominated you.

•Copy the logo onto your blog

•List seven interesting things about yourself.

•Nominate Seven Kreative Bloggers

•Post links to their Blog

•Leave a comment for each letting them know of their nomination.

So, here's the part where I list seven interesting things about me...('interesting' might be a bit of a stretch, goes!)

1. I write with my left hand, but my right hand is otherwise dominant.
2. I taught myself how to read when I was 3.
3. A photograph of me was part of an exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery way back in the late 70's.
4. I got my first migraine headache when I was ten years old while on a bus with my class on our way to the Museum of Anthropology at UBC for a fieldtrip. I panicked because I thought I was going blind.
5. I started driving when I was 14 years old, thanks to an older boyfriend. I drove the streets of Vancouver for three years before I got my license at 17 (I think this tidbit qualifies as more of a 'secret' thing about me as opposed to an 'interesting' thing - so don't tell anybody!!)
6. I've never, ever tried smoking - cigarettes, or anything else, and I've never, ever done any other kind of illegal narcotic or street drug, etc.
7. I have a fear of heights and a fear of flying. I hope to conquer both!

Whew! That was tough - I wasn't sure for awhile if I'd make it to seven!

Now, it is my turn to nominate seven fellow bloggers.

1. Stacey at Pretty Crafty
2. The amazing Debby!
3. Erica at A Pod of Perkins
4. Eleonor's Stamping Blog
5. Tanya!
6. Joanne :)
7. Carla

Go check out these talented and inspiring blogs! Thanks again, Kerry - this was fun!


tanya said...

Thanks for nominating me Jillian!

Debby said...

Ahhh thanks for nominating me Jillian! And you are not an 'imposter' you are a great scrapbooker and I personally love your style!!!
Was great to read interesting and secretive things about you! lol

Stacey said...

Thanks for the Nom--you are a sweetie. I will play along once the kids are in bed. WTG on being added to that team , you have great style no imposter-ing (if that is a real word) take care


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