Friday, May 21, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday - Round 5

Another '7 Quick Takes Friday' brought to you with the help of The Conversion Diary...

1. Fridays mean new challenges at The Inspired Scrapper. This Friday features an 'All Things Animal' challenge - go have a visit!

2. Last week I took a drive out to our new city/neighbourhood to register my son for school. Since I was out that way, I decided to take a drive around to get 'the lay of the land'. I drove past a building with a mural painted on it and a sign announcing it as the 'Cloverdale Seniors Centre'. "Wow!", I thought, "That's great! A big gathering centre just for seniors! How nice!". There was an outdoor announcement sign beside the building that said, "Offers programs and services for seniors age 55 and over, including performing arts, visual arts, sports, games, fitness, crafts, special events, and more!". "Lovely", I thought, "Maybe I can find out if there is anything going on there that I can bring my mom out for". For whatever reason, I felt the need to verify in my head the age of my mother and that she would indeed qualify (she's 69). Then, from some strange and forbidden place inside my brain, a voice went on to announce that, not only did my mother qualify as a senior at the age of 69, but in 17 more years, I will qualify as a senior at age 55. Oh my goodness, I practically rear-ended the car stopped in front of me at a red light outside of the centre. In only 17 years, I will be a senior citizen?! That blew my mind!! How can that be?! I'm only 38! How can 17 more years make me an official old person?! 17 years just seems WAY too close for that kind of nonsense!! This whole aging process really is some kind of heavy trip!

3. I read recently in "The 24" that St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver plans to open a 24-hour drop-off room where women can abandon their newborn children anonymously. My initial reaction to reading this was shock - general shock, about the whole topic. I'm not an ostrich with my head in the sand, I know that things like mothers abandoning their babies happen - it just caught me off guard reading about such a...what's the word I'm searching for...blunt (?!maybe?!) solution. I went on to read that 'Safe Haven' policies exist in all US states as well as several other countries, like Britain and Japan. Now, having read that, it surprises me that Canada has not yet got anything like this in place; however, the anonymity of the St. Paul's service will be a first in North America. The article says that hospital officials do not think this service will be used very frequently, and that they hope that it won't be used at all. Wow. This really gets me thinking about a lot of things. Makes me want to hug my children. Makes me want to hug the next teenage mom I see (not to imply that it's only and always teenagers who go this route), and makes me very, very thankful that I have been lucky enough to be able to conceive and carry three pregnancies to term and have them result in three healthy children. Never mind the piles of laundry, the messy floors, the daunting utilities bills, the petty annoyances/grievances with your neighbours or your co-workers or your spouse, etc. - gotta find a reason to stop each day and be thankful. "There but for the grace of God go I".

4. I have been reminded once again of how horribly dependent I am on caffeine to get me going in the morning. I had to have some blood work done this week which required fasting and let me tell you, I was one irritable, groggy mama the morning of my test! I have quit caffeine in the past - mostly just to prove to myself that I can, and after the initial withdrawal (headaches, irritability, fatigue), I definitely notice that I am more 'even' throughout the day, in mood and in energy. Guilty confession? Even knowing this, I am not currently interested in or motivated to give up my caffeinated beverages right now. I enjoy my strong black tea with milk throughout the day, and - with warmer days upon us, I am also beginning to make my own homemade, better-than-Starbucks cafe con leche's - AKA iced coffee with milk. Yes, I know that I can opt for the decaf option but honestly - if tea or coffee doesn't come with caffeine, I'd rather just drink water. In fact, I would classify water as my favorite drink - but tea and coffee are tied for a close second!

5. I saw a person in a Smart Car driving stupid, and it made me think that if I sold a product called 'Smart' anything, I'd want to ensure that the interested consumer actually qualified as 'smart' first in order to maintain the integrity of my product once they were turned loose with it!

6. Upon his return from daycare one day this week, Cody came marching into the house with the strap of his lunchbox slung over his shoulder and announced, "Look, Mommy! I'm 'tarrying' my lunchbox like Daddy 'tarries' his purse!". Daddy prefers to call to his purse his briefcase.

7. Another cute Cody moment happened yesterday. Out of the blue (where so many cute kid things seem to come from!), Cody proclaimed - "Mama lucky!". I said, "Yes, I am lucky! Why do you think I'm lucky?", to which Cody replied, "Love!". Short, sweet, to the point, and very accurate. My Cody is one smart little guy!

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