Monday, March 16, 2009

Cup Half Full...

Okay. Lying here feeling all sorry for myself is getting old, so now I'm taking a moment to focus on some positive things.

Positive Thing #1
In between naps, I have been blog-hopping, checking out other people's links, etc. and I serendipitously happened upon a blog called 'One Little Word'. OMGosh - I'm in love!! My boring, painfully long sick days have now turned into lots of free time to dig into this blog! Yay!

Positive Thing #2
Casey came home from soccer school super stoked, proudly sporting a new jersey, and not nearly as wet as I anticipated him to be!!

Positive Thing #3
My sinuses popped, relieving much pressure in my face AND in my ears - and I'm actually feeling clearer right now than I have in days!

Positive Thing #4
My husband. There will never be enough words, or enough time, to ever be able to come anywhere close to expressing just how amazing he is and how lucky I am.

Positive Thing #5
I just realized today that I have had this blog for over TWO years already!! How is that possible?? I was so skeptical when I first started it, somewhat sheepish about having it, but have grown to love it ever so much!! It has been so great, so here's to another couple of years of happy blogging in Jillville! :)

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Karla Dudley said...

Girl your two year old blog is outstanding. I read this post and went on to read three more!!!! I love how frank and to the point you are. You say what many of us women/moms are freakin' refreshing! I'm glad you like OLW :) I took a little break and now am slowly getting my feet we again! Gosh, I'm glad you contacted I have to save your blog in my toolbar!

Here's to dry kids and angelic husband,


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