Friday, June 11, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday - Round 6

1. Today at the Inspired Scrapper, two new designers have been announced and a great new Etsy inspired challenge is posted. If you are into scrapbooking/paper crafting, go have a look!

2. As a general rule/challenge to myself, I try to see the positive side of things. For example, when it's raining, raining, raining, and people are lamenting, complaining, boo-hooing, I have been known to say things like, "Think of how happy the trees are right now!", ,or - "Well, it's good to know my rain catcher is keeping full!". However, I am now officially done with the rain. It's June. Time for sun. Time for summer. Yes, I know it's not actually summer on the calendar, but frankly - I don't care. June rolls around, I expect sunshine - at least 90% of the time. I don't want to jinx myself into a drought situation (NOT that I'm superstitious or anything!) but...enough is enough. Please and thank you.

3. Casey has now been in his new school for three full weeks. He has been exhibiting all the signs of a little boy who has made the transition flawlessly - he comes bounding out of school at the end of each day with his big smile on, racing to the playground to play with new friends. He loves his new teacher, says she is really nice (and I wholeheartedly agree!), he's gotten his first 'new school' birthday party invitation, I hear kids calling, "Hi Casey!" and "Bye Casey!" whenever I pick him up and drop him all makes this Mommy's heart very happy. I never really doubted that he would transition well, but it is great to see such obvious signs. I spoke to his teacher after school today just to check in and hear from her how he is doing, and she said that you would think that Casey had been here from the very beginning of the school year the way he has assimilated into the classroom. This is pleasing to no end!

4. We've only been in our new house for three week. I can't believe it - it feels like we've been here for so much longer...this house feels so much like our home, I really never give thought to our old place at all. There are people in our old neighbourhood that I would like to keep in touch with (though not as many as you'd think after so many years there!), but I don't miss Champlain Heights or Vancouver at all! I really thought I would have a bit of a pang in my heart about it, but...nada! Our new neighbourhood really does feel like 'coming home'. One of our neighbours said, "We have an unusually close neighbourhood, and you fit right in!" - and I can feel that, and I'm loving it!

5. I am also loving my yard, my garden. It's so rewarding, so enjoyable. Between walking Casey to school and back every day (which, until the pedestrian overpass is completed, is 2.6 km. ONE way, meaning I am walking that distance 2 to 4 times a day, 5 days a week!)and doing some pretty heavy duty yard and garden work (hauling rocks and bricks, moving plants in and out, etc.) - I am ingesting a fair amount of Ibuprofen! BUT - I'm not complaining. It's a very gratifying kind of achey feeling at the end of the day! I'm really looking forward to seeing how the yard and garden change and evolve throughout the seasons and from year to year. Note to self - start a garden journal, complete with photos!!

6. I really want to get a composter. I have never had one before, but just thinking about composting gets me all silly with excitement! (Yes, this is the type of thing that excites me! Who would have thought?!) Google 'composting' and you will find that there is no end of titillating information about it at your fingertips! Why does it excite me so? I have been trying to find ways of articulating it, but I can't. I think there is just some primal satisfaction for me in it. I found a composting unit at Home Depot for forty bucks. Not a bad deal at all! I have a feeling that somebody in my life might be planning on buying me a composter for my birthday (does this not sound 'birthday present' worthy to you? To me, it is equal to a gift of jewellry. I am a such simple soul...) My dilemma is - do I wait for another month and find out if indeed my birthday hunch is right, or - do I go ahead and get myself one NOW because waiting is very difficult for me and I've wanted one for so long already...I suspect I will end up making a run back to Home Depot within a week's time! That's ok, though, because there are plenty of other gift ideas that can be provided to anybody who is thinking about my, a fancy hose reel, or a skookum nozzle for the hose, or an electric hedge trimmer, ...Can you pick up on a theme here? Anything yard or garden related, and I am one happy girl!

7. World Cup 2010 has kicked off in South Africa. I have to admit, with having had the TV tuned into the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics on an almost full-time basis for the entire length of the Games, and with the Canucks taking to the golfing greens so early (again!) this year, it's great to have such a huge and global sporting event to get excited about! I've always been a solid soccer fan, but mostly as a player(and most recently as a coach), at a local, grassroots level. I have never followed the international scene all that closely, but it is not hard at all to get swept up in the World Cup fever, especially in the Metro Vancouver area where we have such a diverse population of people. I can only imagine the scene on Commercial Drive right now! Having played soccer for several years, watching players compete at the very highest level is quite exhilarating and gets my nerve fibers twitching! Because I have a very basic familiarity and 'feel' for their movements, to see the amazing athleticism, prowess, and grace that these athletes exhibit is stunning and gives me such a breathtaking respect for their abilities...the level of performance that athletes can command their bodies to is absolutely awe inspiring! The World Cup is scheduled to conclude on July 11th...just one more sweet reason for loving summer this year!

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jill ..sounds like life is working out .. so pleased to hear about Casey & his settling in - that's satisfying. Great neighbourhood seemingly, a new garden to work with .. and a composter .. or compost heap (2) .. good things to work with! Long walks too .. giving you time to look around ..

Can't share your enthusiasm for soccer .. taking away from my tennis! have a great Sunday - Hilary


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