Monday, June 21, 2010

Multitude Monday - Round 8

It has been quite awhile since I joined in on Multitude Mondays. I had been posting 20 things that I was grateful for every Monday, but then between one thing and another, I got away from it. It is interesting for me to note that, the less time I spent thinking about and acknowledging the little, everyday things I am thankful for, the harder it has been to think of them and even come up with 20 after all this time! I'm 'out of the habit', so to speak, and I think that this is a perfect example of why it is important to be mindful of the little things every day, because if you are not, you notice them less. And by 'you', I mean me! What do you think?

Today, I am listing ten things that I am thankful for. I hope to be able to get back to my weekly twenty (on my way to one thousand) by next Monday.

141. A night out with two good friends whom I've known since childhood

142. Wet, sloppy, unsolicited kisses from my sweet little boys

143. Being able to sit back and watch my little 3 y.o.'s imagination at play

144. A yard/garden that always has sunny spots

145. A great new neighbourhood where my kids have already made a ton of friends

146. An abundance of windows

147. Hosting family at OUR house for a change!

148. The first day of summer!

149. Getting perspective on my life by hearing about the lives of others

150. Feeling my body respond more easily now to walking 10 km.

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