Monday, January 17, 2011

Multlitude Monday - Lucky Number Round 13!

190. Finally getting a new cell phone and learning how to text. I no longer feel like such a dinosaur and I am now able to communicate more easily with my daughter when she is not home. And sometimes when she is!

191. Investing new energy into an old relationship.

192. Friends.

193. Creative sparks.

194. A brand-new school building/site for my son and our neighbourhood - and finally being able to walk there and back. It's brought so many people outside to walk in our neighbourhood, and makes our neighbourhood seem that much more cohesive. Such a great new opportunity!

195. My son's wonderful teacher.

196. Power naps.

197. The best drinking water straight from our tap.

198. Grandparents who love taking their grandchildren for overnights.

199. Music.

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