Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday - Round 4

1. Challenge Day at The Inspired Scrapper - this week brings us an always excellent sketch by Becky Fleck at Page Maps along with two versions of the sketch by two oh-so-creative and delightful designers, Cari Locken and Virginia Wong - go take a look!

2. I have found another fun challenge blog to participate in - it's The Great Outdoor Challenge at 5 Orange Potatoes. Here is my photo for today:

Yet another photo of my child(ren) at Everett Crowley Park. We absolutely love it there!! I'm going to miss it so much when we move next month. Cody loves this creek - he becomes mesmerized. It is so satisfying to me to just watch him become so transfixed and peaceful...I feel like I can check "provide my children with a great day" off my daily list of things to do when we spend time like this somewhere.

3. GO CANUCKS GO!!! !.
We are huge hockey fans in this house! The Vancouver Canucks are playing against the L.A. Kings tonight, back on home ice, game 5 of the first-round playoffs, with the series tied at two apiece! There are all kinds of great factoids and statistics available in the world of sport, and my two favorites pertaining to the Canucks right now are: 1.) Two Canadian cities - Montreal and Toronto - hosted the Winter Olympics and then went on to win the Stanley Cup the same year. So, given that Vancouver just hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics...well, you know where I'm going with this! 2.) This year's Canucks team is the best team of Canucks we've ever had, meaning that our chances of going to the finals are, on paper at least, pretty good! I remember well both of the Canucks previous runs, first in 1982 and then again in 1994. It's 2010 now, and - it's time

4. While out at a park today with my two youngest, a patch of clover amid the grass brought back a wonderful memory of my Grandma. Every year on my birthday, my Grandma would mail me a birthday card. It always arrived on time, and it always contained a cheque for twenty dollars. The best part, though, is that every year, there would be a four-leaf clover taped to the inside of my card. My Grandma said that she just had a knack for spotting four-leaf clovers among the patches of clover in the grass in her yard. She said that she would just look down, and there one would be. She'd pick it, press it inside one of the big, heavy books on the bookcase in her front room sewing area, and save it for a select few special occasions, one of them being my birthday. I always saved the cards and letters from my Grandma, but not in an organized or deliberate way, and so over the years, they've become lost. Of course, now, as an adult, this saddens me and I would do things very differently if I was able to go back in time. There's a hopeful little part of me though that thinks that if I sort through the boxes of my poorly organized papers and pictures collected over the years, I might be lucky enough to come across at least one of these misplaced treasures. I may actually get around to digging in to some of those boxes this weekend while organizing for our upcoming move - one of my goals for preparing for this move is to finally sort and store keepsakes properly, so my fingers are crossed that I will come across some long-lost goodies. I have never in my life found a four-leaf clover, and I have spent a few idle moments trying (my Grandma's words, "I just looked down, and there it was!" going through my head). Maybe this weekend, I'll find one that has been found once before!

5. Today's Question of the Day at today is: Why is it called a flea market?

Answer: This is a jocular term for an open-air or street market for mainly secondhand merchandise, which would be the type of items that might be infested with fleas. The first flea markets were in Paris and they were called marché aux puces which translates to 'market with fleas'. Flea market first appeared in English in 1922 as a translation of the French market's name. Flea is of Germanic origin (fleah) and was not spelled flea until after 1550. A synonym is flea fair.

I think I could have made a fairly accurate guess as to the 'flea' part of the term, but nevertheless, it's interesting and fun to get the full explanation, don't you think?!

6. I love being a mom, and I am well aware of how quickly time passes and how precious simple, everyday moments are. I am thankful everyday for my three healthy, beautiful children. Now having said that, there are some things that I won't be sorry to see my children outgrow. I am looking forward to the day when there are no more little bums to wipe. I'll appreciate the day where we can all climb into our car/van, strap on our seatbelts, and take off, i.e. no more carseats. And, it has always been a happy day when one of my children has graduated from having me push them on the swings to them being able to pump for themselves, i.e. Mom can now sit on the park bench or the grass, write in her notebook or flip through a magazine, take a few pictures, and smile and wave.

7. "When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity." - Albert Einstein.

I feel like this quote applies to my life right now in relation to purchasing our first home and our upcoming move. The time we spend purging and packing doesn't seem to make much impact, passes quickly, and still leaves us wanting. Waiting for May 15th, however, the day we take possession and can start moving, is taking forever and the waiting is becoming harder and harder to bear!


Tracy said...

I love your lists of the 7 quick takes.

I truely enjoyed the story of your grandmother finding the 4 leaf clovers and then passing them on to you, so sweet.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jill .. not long to go .. perhaps you'll have a lawn of 4 leaf clovers? I hope you can find a creek nearby for Cody .. I'm sure you will.

Good will all the final things ready for a major move .. and your own home .. all the best Hilary


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