Monday, April 26, 2010

Multitude Monday - Round 7

121. Happy noise from my boys

122. A fridge and pantry full of good food

123. A glass of wine

124. Bird song outside my windows

125. Sunny spring days

126. Getting my sleeping patterns sorted out

127. A brand spankin' new library card

128. A house with open doors and windows to let the warm spring air flow through

129. A husband who knows pressure points for migraine relief

130. Casey sticking up for his little brother while outside playing

131. Decluttering

132. A long, middle of the night, lying in bed conversation with my husband about everything and nothing

133. Friday night movie nights with the kids

134. Homemade broccoli soup - can't get enough!!

135. Super helpful parents-in-law

136. Dental plan coverage

137. Having the opportunity to be a mom to three beautiful, amazing children

138. Good books on hand to choose from

139. My Grandpa's hostas thriving after I transplanted them

140. Our approaching moving day

holy experience


JoAnn said...

I feel the same way about potato soup. Do you have a good broccoli soup recipe you want to share? yummy :)

Tracy said...

I wish I had #136 LOL.


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