Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Great Outdoor Challenge

Have you heard of the Great Outdoor Challenge? It's hosted by Lisa over at 5 Orange Potatoes. Check it out and join in - it's super do-able!

This is Casey enjoying our favorite park. It's a perfect place to visit after school as it's on our way home. The first picture is of Casey standing on the root system of a toppled tree, stick in hand of course. The second picture is Casey pulling apart some rotting wood, looking for bugs - specifically, sow bugs. I've also heard them called potatoe bugs, wood bugs, and Casey calls them 'piddle bugs'. The third picture is of Casey's very grubby knees. This is how Casey usually looks at the end of any given day, which just affirms to me that it has been a day well spent! At about this time of the year, every year, Casey's pants are all becoming a wee bit short at the ankles, and/or worn through at the knee. It's perfect timing since we are well into spring - as Casey's pants wear out, he just moves into shorts and I don't spend any more money on long pants until back to school shopping.

Now here's Cody. This first picture is classic - this little boy loves peeing outside! If he needs to go, he'll find a spot and whip his little pants down so quickly I barely have time to protest, and then he's 'watering the plants'. Oh, the joy of being a boy! In the second picture, Cody is measuring how deep the pond is using a stick. This is something that he decided to do all on his own which I find interesting - the things children figure out all on their own, without prompting or input from adults. The third picture is Cody on his wonderful little wooden bike. This bike, without a doubt, is the single best thing I could have ever gotten this little boy. I plan on keeping this little bike forever - one day I hope to have grandchildren who can ride it!


Sherri said...

First I have to say that you leave the best comments...Thanks! It made my day...and week!
Second, I love little boys and the outdoors! My 4 year old love to pee outside too....all the time! He will run outside and come back..."don't worry I just had to pee!" I am trying to teach him the toilet is okay too! =)

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jill .. love the pictures and the tales attached to each .. widdling the plants - great & keeping the bike for grandchildren .. my cousin did that for her grand kids .. and don't they all have a ball & don't have to bring toys with them .. it's all still there!

Moving time is nigh .. bet you're excited .. enjoy the last few times at the park with the boys ..

Go well and happy times ahead - Hilary


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