Friday, March 26, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday - 2nd Edition

Hello! Happy Friday, TGIF, and all that! Coming at you with the great 7 Quick Takes Friday meme hosted by The Conversion Diary. Jumping right in...

1. Is there truly any such thing as a bra that fits well, is comfortable to wear, and makes the girls look great? Is there?! Really?! Because if there is, I haven't ever found one in my entire bra-wearin' life! Am I missing a really obvious/simple piece of the puzzle? What gives?! It's the 21st century for cryin' out loud! We've got space tourists visiting the International Space Station, the human genome has been mapped, and the United States has elected it's first black president. Could somebody please provide me with a comfortable and effective flopper stopper?!

2. Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder. 'Just Breathe'. Enough said.

3. I love playing 'Lexulous' on Facebook. It's the online equivalent of Scrabble. It can be played against friends, or you can join a table or host a table with other users. It is not uncommon to have multiple games going at once, and some can be finished in one sitting while others last for days. There is one thing about Lexulous that perplexes me though, and it's this: Some people use it as a hot talk forum. I'm not a prude, but come on, people! Time and place! Is Lexulous really it?! Here are some real examples of requests:

"PLEASE READ THIS!!!! Fun girls only. ;) Say 'yes I'm naughty' when you start the game."
"Looking for sexy girls for sexy chat."
"Any other guys sitting at home in their underwear?"
"hot girls 18-30. cum and play - do not play if you don't want to talk dirty x"
"WOMEN ONLY..FLIRTY TYPES only..if you dont want to chat dont blank pics, pet pics, or fake pics..i want to see who im playing..chatting a must..NO GUYS"

Really?! This is an online SCRABBLE game!! Can you find no other forum for this? Does this actually WORK for you?! Is the Scrabble component necessary for your gratification? Forgive me for being judgemental, but I find it quite strange...

4. There are days with my children where I swing wildly between being so besotted with the cuteness of them, so powerfully captured by their sweetness and goodness that it's all I can do to keep from imploding with love - to finding myself catapulted instantaneously into raving irritation and annoyance with them - their whining, their fussing, their dawdling, their pickiness over food - I need to physically restrain myself from bolting from the house, raving like a lunatic, frantically fleeing my suburban home for the wildness of...wherever...anything else is a celebrated alternative and reprieve! Is this a common Mommy experience?! Please - provide me with perspective! I'm either a horrible monster for feeling this way, or in ample good company!

5. I fear that I am turning into my mother. Case in point #1 (and sadly, there are probably a total of TEN or more 'case in point's'...) - I think I am becoming a technological dinosaur. I have never sent a text message. I don't know what to do when I receive one. I know how to program contacts into my cell phone's directory, but I get easily frustrated with the process and ask my daughter to "just do it for me!", which reminds me of my mother's inability to program her own VCR to tape a program and her reliance on us to take care of it for her. It's comparisons like these that send a cold, creeping prickle of fear up my spine...

6. I love books. I especially have a thing for children's books. We are avid library users and always have stacks of library books in the house, but we also have a LOT of our own books too. Now that we've bought a house and are going to be moving in approximately six weeks, I'm looking around at all of our overflowing book shelves and dreading not only the boxing them all up, but the moving them! Boxes of books weigh a LOT! I'm crossing my fingers that we're going to end up hiring movers, but even so - we are going to have scores of boxes of books to deal with. I've always said that if I ever won the lottery, the bookstore would be on my list of Top 3 places I'd go to first...why does it look like that's already happened?! I've got the books, now where's all the leftover cash winnings?! Sigh...something's out of whack here!

7. Another great Friday challenge over at The Inspired Scrapper - mixing black and white photos with colour - check out Cari's and Virginia's awesome examples!


Tracy said...

I bought a bra from Victoria Secret, love this bra, so did someone else, read my post on this

I also love books and children's books. I can't donate my girls books and my oldest is 20 yrs old.

You are one up on me I don't even know how to program my contacts in my phone LOL

Tracy said...

I gave you a beautiful blog award on my blog, go check it out to collect it.

Marlene said...

I'm with you on the bra observations. Damned things were obviously invented by the same mastermind who decided mammograms were "non invasive", I'll bet.

Oooh - play Wordscraper on Facebook. Similar to scrabble. Lotsa fun.


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