Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Beautiful Blogger? Who, me?!

What a fun perk on a Saturday night - Tracy from Tracy's Treasures emailed me to tell me that she awarded me a Beautiful Blogger award - so sweet! Thanks, Tracy!

Now, upon receiving this award, I have to do 2 things:

1. Share 10 things about me
2. Share this award with 10 other bloggers

Now, it is no longer Saturday night - it's already Tuesday morning, but it took me a while to come up with 10 Things. So, here I go:

1. I flip through magazines, newspapers, manuals, etc. from back to front. One day my 6 y.o. son noticed me doing this and asked me why I did this. I told him that I don't know - I've just always read magazines, etc. this way. He thought for a minute and then said, "Maybe it's because you're left handed". Ding! Lightbulb going on over my head! It made so much sense to me! Casey, my six year old son, cracked the mystery of why I read 'backwards'! I'm glad somebody in this family is smart like that! (And for the record, I don't read books/novels that way - it doesn't work. This much I do know!) I also just noticed that in the little notebooks that I have stashed everywhere (my purse, beside my bed, on my desk) where I jot down bits and pieces of the jetsam and flotsam in my brain, I will write in them from back to front. Hmm...perhaps this is more than just being left-handed...perhaps I'm just backwards! Better yet, I'll just add this to the list of things that I like to refer to as 'my lovable quirks'. That sounds much better than just being weird, doesn't it?!

2. I am freakily flexible. I always have been. It's not because I was in gymnastics as a child or anything like that. I think it's just 'in my blood' so to speak. My mom is also surprisingly flexible, and I remember that both my grandparents (my mom's parents) were as well. (I can't have inherited this from my dad's side - they are notoriously the opposite of flexible - short hamstrings, 'cankles', etc.) I am now a 'big girl', a 'woman of size' - you know, 'zaftig', 'plus-sized', 'generously proportioned', or as my husband volunteered - 'bodacious'. This, however, has not affected my flexibility, which makes it even more freaky - if I ever have occasion to bust out a yoga pose in public, people are suitably shocked and impressed. It's kind of a neat party trick...

3. I was a single mother with my daughter for six years. To quote Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times". It's not a path I would have chosen, and it's not a path I recommend, but I am grateful for what the experience taught me. It was a pivotal time in my life and it served to wipe away the worst of me and bring out the best in me, and I've carried it forward ever since.

4. I have such vivid dreams, it's like I watch a feature length movie in my sleep every night. Even more so than a movie, though, because the sounds, the smells, the sensations are all so intense - so much more multi-dimensional than a movie could ever be. I love it! Every night is an adventure. Very occasionally, I'll have a bad dream and then the intensity of my dreams is a liability, but this is so rare. Overall, it's a great trait to have!

5. If I ever win the lottery (I rarely ever buy tickets, which makes the odds of winning even MORE remote!), I've always said that the first two places I'd go are a book store and a garden centre. OH, the fun I would have!!

6. I have worn SPF 15 or higher sunscreen on my face every day of every year since I was 21 years old. I had read an article in a science journal stating that the majority of visible aging is due to low grade, long term, daily sun exposure. As a fair skinned, freckle faced redhead, that was all the motivation I needed. I'm 38 years old now - I wonder - has it helped? I don't look significantly younger than I am...Check back with me when I'm in my 50's. Or 80's, for that matter! I remain hopeful...

7. I can't watch that new TLC show, 'Hoarding: Buried Alive". It hits a little bit too close to home. I'm not nearly that bad, but I do recognize that I have tendencies toward hoarding behaviour. If I ever end up being an eccentric old lady (and so far I'm 65% sure that I will be one day), I think hoarding will be one of the ways my eccentricities manifest.

8. I've had my driver's licence since I was 17 years old. In the 21 years that I have been driving, I've never (knock on wood!) been at fault in an accident. In fact, (and again, knock on wood) I've only ever been in a few motor vehicle accidents, and they were all very minor.

9. We own a mini van, and I am so freakin' over it! When I was pregnant with our second child, we traded in our Ford Explorer for a Dodge Caravan. Made sense at the time. Then we had our third child, and the minvan still made sense. Factor in hockey gear, soccer gear, tae kwon do gear, bikes, etc. and a mini van still makes sense. But I'm over it. I don't like the mini van anymore. I don't want to be driving it. I would like to drive a car, or a truck. I feel like I am willing and able to make whatever changes, concessions, etc. necessary to forgo the need for a minivan. I'm not going to rush out and get rid of it, but make no mistake, when it does come time to purchase a new vehicle, it will not be another mini van!

10. I pretty much have music in my head all the time. Sometimes it's background music, and sometimes it's so prominent that it starts leaking out and I actually start singing out loud. Sometimes I'm alone, and sometimes I'm around other people, whom I may or may not know. I think that people sometimes think that because I sing out loud, in public, and often with exuberance and enthusiam, I must think that I'm a really good singer even though it's painfully obvious to the observer that I'm not. Newsflash - I KNOW I'm not a good singer, but that doesn't stop me. I can't help it. I got the music in me and sometimes it just wants to come out! And sometimes, I'll get a song stuck in my head. And, usually, it's a song that I know really well musically, but not so much lyrically. Often, it becomes a fixation, an obsession, and I can't stop it, or get it out of my head, or leave it alone until I exocise it. Thank goodness for the Internet - if it's convenient and I'm able, I get on the Google and search using the lyrics I do know, or by artist/band name. Once I can get ahold of the full and correct lyrics, I can get it all straight in my head and work it out. I think this might sound a bit OCD. Maybe it is...I have had times where I've tended to lean in a bit of an OCD direction. My daughter just finds it really embarrassing. If I start singing anywhere outside of the house, she will hiss at me, "Mom! People are going to think that there is something WRONG with you!!". I also pride myself on being able to come up with a song for any occasion, or to fit any theme, statement, or comment. These are the little ways I keep myself amused.

Whew! Coming up with 10 things was surprisingly hard!! BUT - coming up with 10 bloggers to nominate is easy!

1. Karla. Karla is delightful. She is an amazing designer - check out her digital products! She is so creative - so much eye candy on her blog! And, the icing on the cake, she's a supermom to 5 children. Yes, that's right - FIVE! She's gorgeous, her husband's gorgeous, and her five children are even more gorgeous! She's one of those women that you might be tempted to hate, except that she is so nice, and so real! Check out her blog - you'll see what I mean!

2. Kerry. Another great digi designer. And supermom to three. And all round super creative, super talented, super nice person. And there was a time when Kerry was actually my boss, and she was super at that too!

3. Sandy. Another Wonder Woman here! This is a woman I really admire, and she is one of those women who makes me wonder how she is able to do much more with her 24 hours a day than I do! Sandy is very inspiring. She is a driving force behind Operation Write Home, and as if that isn't enough, she also makes the nicest cards!!

4. Cari. Another amazingly creative woman! So talented, so creative, such a great teacher...love her!

5. Karen. This woman is an amazing photographer - a true master of her craft! She amazes me! And, like Karla, Karen is a gorgeous woman with a gorgeous husband and gorgeous kids - but you can't hate her either because she is truly one of the nicest people I know, and a really great mom too!

6. Debby. One of my all-time favorite scrappers! Plus, she's a really nice person, super creative, and - another Supermom!

7. Erica. Supermom, super scrapper...I'm beginning to think I appreciate a specific type of blogger...Erica's blog is great looking too - check her out!

8. Ginnie. Ginnie isn't somebody who I know personally, but her blog speaks to me!! She is a beautifully real and wonderful human being and she writes about her daily life so eloquently. Plus, her blog is visually gorgeous - her photography is amazing!

9. Ann. Another woman whom I don't know personally, but her blog is so lovely...some of her posts have moved me to tears. She also hosts the meme Multitude Mondays, which I have begun participating in. So much good stuff on her blog - go see for yourself! It's uplifting!

10. Heather. The perspectives she shares on her blog and the way she writes about everyday things perks me up. Also - Great mom. So creative. Amazing photographer. All-round likeable human being. She also has a photo-a-day blog that is incredible.

So there you have it - a collection of blogs hosted by women who inspire me, and I'm so happy to share them with you.

Thanks again, Tracey, for the nod!

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Karla said...

Wow.......THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! Super sweet like I can't even tell you. Thanks honey.....



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