Monday, March 29, 2010

Multitude Monday - Round 5

81. Being able to tickle my daughter's grumpies away. It doesn't work every time, but it works enough of the time for me to be thankful!

82. Two little boys who are great buddies and are happy and busy playing together in our home

83. A weekend with NO outside obligations

84. A sweet husband who brings me flowers, a card, and chocolates for no reason

85. My three little nieces. THREE! Little girls! How cute is that?! Lucky me!

86. The wisdom that comes with age and experience. I'm not claiming to be wise (not yet!), and I don't think of myself as aged, but a little bit older, a little bit wiser - I can live with that!

87. Mascara. My own magic wand. I'm lucky to have thick enough, long enough lashes, but without mascara, you can't see them.

88. Extended medical benefits through my husband's employer

89. My mother sharing her car with us so generously

90. The quilt that my Grandma made me when I was a child. Butterflies and flowers made out of fabric scraps that I recognize from clothes that she made for me, for herself, and for others. Such a keepsake.

91. My cameras. Put me anywhere - if I've got my camera(s) with me, I'm happy.

92. Forsythia. While searching the Internet for gardening ideas for our new home, I came across a less-than-positive mention of forsythia, citing it's short-lived 'garish' yellow flowers, and it's transition to plain green leaves which contributed nothing attractive to a yard or garden. I was offended! I LOVE forsythia, and I always have. It is one of the earliest flowering plants in spring and in late February, early March, any forsythia sightings in Metro Vancouver make my heart soar - such a bold and joyous exclamation that spring is inarguably on it's way!

93. A neighbourhood with an ample supply of sticks of all types - long, short, flexible, breakable, rough, smooth - all eagerly sorted out, grabbed up, looked over, and claimed by my boys and their friends - tools for their imaginations.

94. Toys that do not require batteries.

95. Toys that are not noisy.

96. Turning the TV off. Keeping it off.

97. Art supplies.

98. Laughing and joking with friends.

99. Laughing and joking with my kids.

100. Good rain gear.

holy experience


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Jill .. great list .. love the forsythia one .. just been picking bits for my mother to watch the leaves open amongst the flowers ..

Love all the thoughts .. thank you - Hilary

Tracy said...

I love your lists.
I used to have a list of 5 things I was grateful for each day. Some times it was as simple as breathing.LOL


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