Monday, March 22, 2010

Multitude Monday - Round 4

61. The smell of the woods after it rains

62. Sunshine for Casey's soccer tournament this Saturday

63. My daughter looking after Cody so well while I coached at the tournament

64. Renewed energy after my cold/flu

65. Having three great days with all three kids while my husband was out of town

66. Spending the afternoon at Everett Crowley Park and letting the little boys run wild like little boys should.

67. Improving sleep patterns for my daughter (resulting in improving moods for my daughter!)

68. A fun OWH blog hop weekend

69. Lexulous - the online equivalent of Scrabble. Good brain strain!

70. Knowing that we will be moving into a more suitable home for our family sooner rather than later...

71. Feeling like I'm doing a good job of getting healthy food into my kids

72. A good stretch

73. My sister's little girl, my niece, turning 3 years old. Such an impish little gift to our family!

74. Finally being well enough to get my hands on my newest baby niece, Olivia - a perfect, pink little bean bag!

75. The bond between my husband and I

76. Steve's safe trip to and from Whistler over the weekend

77. Little boys singing to themselves happily and unselfconsciously at various times throughout the day

78. School administrators and faculty who are dedicated and effective

79. Colour - in nature, in my home, in my children's artwork...bright, muted, riotous, quiet, evocative, tranquil, stimulating, energizing, calming, shocking, earthy - colour, glorious colour!

80. A really comfortable mattress

holy experience


Marlene said...

Really comfortable mattresses make all the difference! ;)

Tracy said...

Love your list.
Sometimes its the smallest things that make your day.


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