Monday, March 15, 2010

Multitude Monday - Round 3

Good morning, and Happy Monday! Time for another round of thankfulness with Multitude Monday, hosted by Ann at A Holy Experience. Her post today planted a big ol' lump squarely in my throat. She put into words so beautifully what my muddled brain sometimes ponders on - "How does a heart sorrow over the time forever gone and still be present to the wonder of the time that is now?" Ok - lump in throat and tears in eyes. Thank you, Ann - your words just happened to find me in a most timely manner.

Now - before I commence with today's installment of 20 gratitudes, I must confess - this list should be numbers 61 through 80, but last Monday I was away visiting my sister and didn't plan ahead for my Monday post. I considered posting it late once I got back, but, well...I didn't. In summary - a quote, from Forrest Gump - "That's all I have to say about that."

Here goes!

41. A safe (but very rainy!) drive to Seattle

42. Being able to spend the first half of Spring Break with my sister, my brother-in-law, and two of my beautiful nieces.

43. Home again safe and sound (sick unfortunately, but still safe and sound!)

44. 'Get well' pictures drawn by Casey

45. The most wonderful parents-in-law ever!

46. Watching my husband carry the Paralympic torch

47. The improving ability to bite my tongue

48. The opportunity for my sons to attend a Paralympic sledge hockey game

49. A regular paycheque

50. Hearing my two boys in the bathtub splashing and laughing gustily

51. Feeling like my daughter and I are experiencing more decent times that difficult times lately...

52. Being surrounded by wonderful green space

53. Photographs. Old ones. New ones. So many great images and memories captured.

54. Accessible health care

55. Daylight Savings!!

56. Good neighbours

57. Getting a big pot of hot black tea brewed first thing in the morning

58. The ability to (often, but not always) find humour in difficult moments/times

59. Moments of 'down time/me time'

60. Other bloggers who share their stories with humour and honesty and eloquence

holy experience


Tracy said...

Love your #60. I started blogging as a 365 type of project. Then I got followers and read others blogs (such as yours) and love to have friends around the globe that I would never have met without doing this.

Shilo said...

So nice to meet you! :) You DO have gorgeous red hair, I can see why you would hope for a child with the same! :)
Shilo @ My Place of Peace

Trish said...

Welcome to the community. Ann's "group" has grown a lot since she first opened it up to linking in. It's hard to get around in one day.

Anyway, thank for sharing your list with us. I need improved gain over my tongue!


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Yeah that tongue biting thing does come in handy sometimes, doesn't it?!?! Although I find that even when I manage I somehow find myself explaining later how proud I was of myself not to have said this, that, or the other thing, which almost totally defeats the purpose...

I like the quote, although it would be even better if an actual answer were provided too. :-)


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